The highest quality, environmentally friendly

In the company Profiles, d.o.o. the work is run by highly technological machines which are to a narrow specialization of the company adjusted and perfected especially for our needs.

The entire production is ecologically faultless because we use big filter devices that ensure a clean and regulated working as well as a living environment.

The company disposes of drying rooms of 1400 m3 in drying capacities. All of the 14 drying rooms for wood are computer-supported, which ensures us a quality process of drying the wood and a guaranteed final humidity of wood.

In the production of dowels, we keep to standard DIN 68150.

Why have demanding buyers of wooden dowels and
bonding lamellas trusted us for many years?

Specialized in the production of dowels

In the nineties of the past century we have narrowly specialized in industrial production of wooden dowels of the highest quality providing consumers with the wide range of dimensions of dowels.

Leading production of dowels in Europe

We are number 1 in Europe for the quantity of wooden dowels that we produce. We produce over 7 million pieces daily and over 3700 tons a year. We also rank extremely high in Europe for the quality of produced lamellas and we produce 105 million pieces of lamellas a year.

Constant quality

Products manufactured in our company rank to first quality class. Innovative technology enables us constant checking of quality. By using our products you can raise you’re your company’s reputation.

Checked quality

In order for the quality of our products to be assured and constant we have developed computer guided devices for the quality control, by which we check the quality of all our products.

Ecological awareness

In our company we have high ecological standards. Preserving nature’s vitality is a responsibility of each individual and of the entire company alike, and for this reason our entire production is technically supported by big filtering capacities, which assure us a clean and regulated working and living environment.

Advanced Production Technology

We are in step with the times and our customers’ needs. Our production is designed by the advanced and innovative technology, which assures that our products are produced at the highest quality level.

Short delivery times

In Profiles we have long been known for being a reliable partner who respects delivery times. Our delivery times are short, by which we ensure you a competitive advantage and thus enable you to complete your production plans on time.


In spite of the wide range of production, company Profiles is flexible and adaptable to your demands and needs. Our main concern is the full satisfaction of our buyers. You can tell us your concerns as we are happy to be at your disposal for any possible questions.

Contact us

You can call us for additional information and questions regarding our products and services.